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Introducing the new EVLO 1000, our biggest, most energy-dense battery yet. With advanced safety systems, simplified installation and a powerful EMS for web-based remote controls monitoring, the EVLO 1000 is scalable for even more ambitious applications. This safe and sustainable large-scale energy storage system is 99% recyclable after a lifespan of up to 20 years*.

Duration : 1 minute 43 seconds

*Under specific operational parameters

Our technology

Our patented, eco-friendly battery chemistry is the culmination of 40‎‎‏‏‎ years of research by our parent company’s advanced innovation lab.

  • Safety

    Superior thermal and chemical stability

  • Sustainability

    Increased efficiency and a long life span

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EVLO’s energy storage products are designed to be modular for the large-scale needs of utilities and come with EVLO’s advanced control software suite.

Our projects

EVLO is playing a key role in helping create a sustainable future with innovative energy projects that support responsible businesses and communities.

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